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So, you've got your domain registered, you've organised your hosting, you may even have our All-in-One-Hosting-Package Deal. Now all you need is a website to display! We're not graphic artists but we do have a thorough understanding of what works on the web and can build a website for you.

We don't rehash the same template over and over so every site looks the same, nor do we have a creative team that will produce this brilliant flashy looking site (at an even flashier pricetag!). We just create simple, effective eye-catching web sites.

We don't charge flat fee's per site like some "website designers" (note the use of quotes there!) who want to charge literally thousands of dollars for every site they build that has X pages with up to Y graphics etc etc.

We're technically capable. have a sound knowledge of how search engines work and hence how to place content, how to get the site to appear basically like you want it to and what should be included. The 5 basics of ANY business website should be:

  1. A "front" or "main" page that is the 1st thing seen by visitors and from there you can get to all content n the site within 5 clicks at most. Going round and round in circles looking for something is nothing but frustrating for the user. As a rule of thumb, we try to keep that number to 3 clicks max.
  2. A "contact" page or info page where visitors can plainly see your phonenumbers, fax numbers (if you have one), mobile numbers, e-mail address' etc etc. If you like this can be a web-form where visitors fill in theblanks and send you an e-mail.
  3. An outline of the products/services that you provide. What point is a business website if its doesn't actually advertise your business. It needn't go to the extent of listing every single product that you sell but it has to at least give the basics of what you do.
  4. The site must be regularly updated. This is a living, breathing, available 24x7zx365 colour brochure for your business. There are 2 reasons to keep the site updated. The first is that if people visit your site, bookmark it and visit again a few weeks (months) later and it's still the same, they get the impression that your site is stale.... and your service probably will be too. Give them new content to read to keep them coming back. The 2nd reason is to show your serious about your web-presence. The internet is always on and ever-changing. If you never change your site, your (potential) customers will think your not serious about your site - you need to show that you are proactive in your "advertising" and hence will be proactive with them.
  5. The site name MUST reflect your business name and your e-mail must be branded too. What does that mean. Ever been driving along the road and you see (usually a tradesmans) van with their company name, mobile number and email address of Who are they advertising? Themselves or the big internet provider? Get serious, get a real site.

There's a bunch of other stuff too like ensuring there's useful content and not bazillions of flashy rotatingbanners and pictures that do nothing but give the viewer a headache, the placement of keywords and "meta tags", submission to search engines so people can find you!

OK, so we've given some reason WHY to have a site. What's it gunna cost?

As we said above, we dont charge a flat fee and pump out websites like a cookie-cutter, we build from scratch.... so we don't really know how long your site will take or what i will cost until we talk to you!!

We do however say up front that we charge $55/hour for web-design work. Now, that doesn't operate like lawyers who'll bill you an hour if they think about your case for 2 minutes while driving their car... The creative brainstorming is not included in your time there so you only pay for physical work thats taking place. In our All-In-One-Hosting Deal we've included 3 hours of design time to get your site off the ground, up and running

If you've got a design in mind, and ideally if you can draw a up a mock example, that makes life SO much easier, and generally quicker.

OK, we said up there in point 4 before that your site should be regularly updated. Who's gunna do that and how? Well, we can do that for you. We can do site updates each week or monthly perhaps and charge you in as little as half hour incriments ($27.50/half hour) but we may be able to come to some sort of arrangement there. eg: If you want a few small changes twice a week that effectively take us 5 minutes each time, we're not going to charge $27.50 each time and cost you $200 for the month!

All that being said, we know our limitations so we're not going to bite off more than we can chew and string you along with promises of a big-bang website but never deliver. We have however been involved over the years with a number of "full blown" creative design companies who've done big-brand websites and will happily pass on their contact details to you.

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