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Microsoft ISA Server

Out spyware, and keep out! PDF Print E-mail
Frequently Asked Questions - Microsoft ISA Server

Spyware can have a horrible effect if its gets on your PC. Unwanted popups, ads. Often associated with software crashes and bugs and thats not even mentioning the invasion of privacy.

The consequences of a spyware infection in a corporate network can be devestating. Sending out of prive/confidential information, ages spent trying to fix the problem, lost productivity of the person who normally users that PC. How do we keep this stuff out?

Microsoft ISA server can assist with keeping soem of these trojans and other unwanted applications out of your network quite easily.

By createing a destination set called "DenySpywareandPopups" and then adding the domains of known spyware's distributes you can help keep the stuff out of your network in the first place rather than having to clean up the mess afterwards.

For my clients I'll usually create this set and include (in this authors oppinion) spyware and ad-serving sites like:, *, etc

I then create a S&C (Site & Content) rule denying access to this destination set to all users (anonymously). This stops any user cold from visiting on eof those sites and will often mean that they cant accidently (or otherwise!) download the spyware application.

At worst, if the spyware does get installed, it won't be able to "phone home" to let the bottom feeding leaches err, I mean "marketing companies" know what sites you are visiting.

Doesn't that give you some piece of mind?


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