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Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta) PDF Print E-mail

For about 6 weeks now I've been running a copy of the Microsoft AnytiSpyware (Beta) product on my home & Work PC's.

It's actually been doing a marvellous job of routinely scanning my machine in real time as well as a scheduled scan each morning.


In fact, Ifound it did marginally better than some other 3rd products I'd been using previously. My previous favourite was AdAware 6. Why 6 I hear you ask? Because that was before it got "crippled" and could detect but not remove. Up until just before Xmas it still could manage to get "Spyware signature" updates as well so it was thebest of all worlds.

The previous product I used was Search & Destroy spybot. I didnt have as muc experience with this, but it mostly did the trick.

Anyway, the MS product found a few "nasties" that the other 2 hadn't. I thought Id give it a real run for its money and test it "live" by surfing to a few... ahem... untoward sites and sure enough it picked uphome page stealers and other nasty tricky little software that was attempting to install itself on my machine.

Hurrah for Microsoft. For those of you who haven't tried it out yet, I suggest you do. Visit for the products homepage and then the download page will let you do the physical er... download.

It'll install on any varient of Win2000, Win2003 & XP (Pro's/home's/Server/Tablet PC/all of 'em!) and for my money is well worth the download!

(Get it... "for my money"... free software?.... Oh sheesh!)


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