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Shiny new Canon PowerShot S2 Digital camera PDF Print E-mail

I recently had the need (OK, desire!) to buy myself a nice new Digital Camera. I'd researched and researched on the web and had pretty much decided to buy myself the Canon PowerShot S2 IS. (See for specs)

The downside was the thing hadn't actually been released in Australia yet and no-one them in stock for me to physically take a look and have a play. I'll happily buy over the web but usually prefer to visit a "Bricks and mortor store" to touch and hold it.

So, I had to wait a couple of weeks until someone actually had stock and then promptly decided this was indeed the camera for me!

5Megapixel, 12x optical zoom, (so far) light on the battey consumption and with an added 1Gb SD card, will let me take literally hundreds (to thousands!) on PIX before needing to download.

If you too decide you want one of these great camera's, let me know and I'll happily buy in for you and get shipped to anywhere in the country (Direct Deposit 1st!!!) for just $745.00.

Just another $200 will get you a SanDisk 1.0GB Ultra-II high speed SecureDigital (SD) memory card.

With this card you can take something like 480 full size 5M-pixel images. Turn on the compression or start to wind down the resolution a bit and you can take thousands of PIX!

Get the PowerShot S2 camera and the Sandisk 1Gb SD card together and pay only $900 including freight anywhere in Australia. Interested? Drop us a line via the contact us page.

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