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UMPC - Ultra Mobile Portable Computer PDF Print E-mail

March 8th.

I've been watching with interest the Microsoft website. Origami is essentially their codename for an Ultra Mobile Portable Computer (UMPC) that they've been working on along with some OEM partners.

These really are cool looking devices and well, I want one!

They come with a 7inch display so they're actually a useable size. Native screen resolution was 800x480 but they can display higher. As such they're considerably more usable than the PocketPC I've been carrying around for the last couple of years but nowhere near the bulk and weight of a fullsize laptop/notebook. The target price is $500-sub $1000 US dollars so expect pricing here in Oz to ebgin at around the $650 mark

For the lat 12 months or so I've been using a Blackberry 7100V which has given me the calendar/PDA style features as well as GPRS internet access while on the go. If these UMPC's come equipped with either a SIM card of their own or can use bluetooth to connect to another phone for access then all will be good. Models I've read about come with WiFi which is all well and good... so long as you've got a Hotspot account or whatever to maka it useful when on the road.

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